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About Our Name

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) was incorporated in 1999 by original members of the Apache Group, 21 individuals from around the world who oversaw the development of the Apache HTTP Server, which was created in 1995.

Co-founder Brian Behlendorf first came up with the name “Apache” for the server. The name “Apache” was chosen out of reverence and appreciation for the people and tribes who refer to themselves as “Apache”.

As the Apache HTTP Server grew from patches applied to the NCSA Server, a pun on the name quickly spread amongst members of the community, with the rumor being that “Apache” actually stood for “a ‘patchy’ server”. As time passed, the popularity of the “A Patchy Server” story grew: rumor became lore, and lore became legend.

In “Trillions and Trillions Served”, the 2020 documentary on the ASF, Brian explains the ethos behind his choosing the name “Apache”.

On occasion, we have been asked about claims about use of the “Apache” name by the Apache Native American communities. During its twenty-five years of use of “Apache” as part of its name, the ASF has never been involved in any legal dispute with Native American communities or any other party in relation to the use of the “Apache” name.

For information on using the Apache name in promotions, media, and communications, visit ASF Marketing and Publicity Resources. For guidelines on using The Apache Software Foundation's brands on websites, in books, in presentations and events, in research papers, or in other ways, see the ASF’s Trademarks and Brand Management Brand Policy.